10 Ingenious Uses for Coffee Bean Grounds

If, like many people, you drink endless cups of fresh coffee throughout the day at home, you will have a supply of used coffee bean grounds left from your сafetière or filter coffee machine. Rather than just throw them out with the rubbish, here are several clever ideas for recycling them and putting them to use around the home.

1. Beauty Scrub
Mix the coffee grounds with honey or coconut oil, to create an all over face and body scrub, then shower off, which  will exfoliate and leave your skin glowing and feeling extra smooth.


2. Hair Mask
If you have dark coloured hair, (not advisable for light colours) rub the coffee grounds into your scalp and leave for a while before rinsing,  then use shampoo and conditioner as normal, to give your hair a shiny and glossy feel.

3. Deodoriser
Maybe you find a lingering, stale odour in your room, or even in the refrigerator.  Place coffee bean grounds in a bowl and soon the smells will disappear. Have you been peeling onions or garlic, rub the grounds into your hands, then rinse away, to remove the strong odour from your skin.

4. Furniture Stain
Do you have unsightly cup marks or scratches on your dark wooden furniture? Mix up some of the coffee grounds with a small amount of warm water in a jar, shake well and leave to stand for an hour, then, taking a soft cloth, rub some of this potion onto the furniture scratches, leave for a while, then buff off.

5. Fertiliser
As coffee bean grounds are very rich in nutrients, they make an ideal fertiliser for your house plants and garden vegetables. Mix with warm water and spray onto your plants, or add them to your compost heap which you can then dig into the soil before sowing seeds.

6. Pest Repellent
Mix some coffee grounds with your garden seeds before sowing in the ground, to prevent insects from eating the seeds. Ants also detest the smell of coffee, so place around areas of ant infestation. Used grounds are also known to be a beneficial deterrent for slugs and snails.

7. Brown Dye
Take some waste coffee grounds and use them in your crafting hobbies as a natural, sepia coloured dye for fabric, paper or when decorating hard boiled eggs for Easter.

8. Keep Cats out of the Garden
Animals do not like the strong smell of the coffee grounds, mix some with orange peel and sprinkle around the base of garden plants, to keep those cats at bay.

9. Eliminate fireplace dust
If you have an open fire or wood burner stove, sprinkle damp coffee grounds over the ash before you clean out the fire, to prevent clouds of smoke and ash. An added bonus is that when you light the fire, the aroma of coffee will waft around the room.

10. Use as an abrasive on pots and pans
Take a damp cloth and dip into used coffee grounds, then rub vigorously on ingrained pots, pans and tools to remove marks. Rinse off and polish dry. Do not use on white ceramic and china dishes that may stain easily.

As an added bonus, there are several beauty treats you could try using recycled coffee grounds, although these have not been personally, tried and tested.

If your summer tan is fading, boil up a cup of water with some grounds and once cool, rub all over your body, allowing it to soak in for about 15 minutes before rinsing off.

For a cost effective face-lift, mix coffee grounds with an egg white then smooth mixture over your face, once dry, rub the face mask off and rinse your skin.

Although not proven, coffee is understood to remove cellulite; rub the grounds into problem areas and rinse off.

If your one or two cups of coffee a day does not produce sufficient leftover coffee grounds for you to be inventive with your reprocessing, maybe ask for more at one of the larger chain coffee shops which helps with their recycling too!

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