5 Excellent Reasons to Buy Bulk Coffee Beans

In recent years the demand for coffee in the UK has positively exploded and thousands of chain and independent coffee shops have opened. Most coffee outlets buy bulk coffee beans to serve the needs of their customers.

Virtually all coffee outlets are supplied by a select number of coffee wholesalers, some of which specialise in single origin and high quality coffee.

Whilst all busy coffee shops purchase coffee beans wholesale, the consumption of the popular drink is also high in offices, commercial businesses and sometimes larger households.

So how will you benefit if you buy bulk coffee beans? Naturally you can expect a reduction in price when you buy wholesale but there are more benefits than just the cost.

1. Price

Retailers buy bulk coffee beans from coffee wholesalers so if you buy direct you effectively cut out the man in the middle. You’ll be able to buy coffee beans at the same price as your local café or coffee outlet. The savings are huge when compared to buying small quantities.

2. Variety

Most coffee shops choose to buy the type of beans that are most popular with their customers. At established coffee wholesalers there are so many blends, roasts, single origins and brands you will be spoiled for choice.  You’ll have several different types of Arabica coffee beans to choose from, as well as decaffeinated, middle range and chocolate coated beans to name but a few.

3. Superior Quality

By buying coffee beans in bulk, as well as having a comprehensive choice of coffee, you are able to select the quality of beans, not just those that your local outlet has available on any particular day. This means you can always serve the perfect coffee for each occasion.

4. Fresh Coffee

Busy coffee wholesalers sell huge quantities of beans on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. High volume turnover means that stock sells quickly ensuring the coffee you purchase is fresh and hasn’t been sitting around gathering dust on the shelves.  Fresh coffee beans produce the best taste.

5. Quick Delivery

With next day delivery available from many coffee wholesalers you can buy bulk coffee beans easily without having to leave your office or home. Buying online has made shopping for fresh coffee beans simple.

At The Coffee Wholesalers we offer a comprehensive range of single origin coffee that is ethically produced. If you buy 5 kilos you’ll get 1 kilo free from us. We value your custom!