The Best Coffee Drips to Make at Home

The procedure to make excellent coffee drips, also known as pour over coffee is simple. No electric powered machine is needed, just you and a few simple pieces of equipment.

The coffee produced with the pour over method harks back to an old style drip coffeemaker around 1970 which gives a more complex and delicate result.

How to make coffee drips

There are 3 important stages of creating your perfect coffee drips – Wetting, Dissolution and Diffusion. Follow these steps to capture a perfect coffee drink.

Step 1 Bring water to the boil in a standard kettle

Step 2 Grind 3 tbsp. or 30 grams of your favourite, single origin, coffee beans, into a coarse texture similar to sea salt size.

Step 3 Place a filter paper into the coffee dripper and pour over hot water onto the paper to warm up the dripper. Throw away this rinsing water.

Step 4 Place the ground coffee onto the filter paper and tap to level the surface. Place the coffee dripper vessel onto a cup and set your timer or stopwatch.

Step 5  Begin to time the process adding sufficient water to soak into the coffee. At this stage a small amount of coffee drip is acceptable. When the coffee grounds have stopped swelling, usually after 30 seconds, add more water. Try to pour the water gently, yet quickly over the surface of the grounds achieving your target brew time. 3-4 minutes for light to medium roasted coffees and 2.5 -3 minutes for dark roasted blends. These timings include the coffee drip time after you have stopped adding the water.

Once you have experienced your first cup of pour over coffee, you can make adjustments to both your coffee bean grinding and achieve a finer grind. Or if you find the coffee taste is too strong, next time add a small amount of hot water to the final drink. Alternatively use a little less coffee.

Common mistakes when making coffee drips

There are many things that can affect your final coffee drink. Mainly, it’s the coffee beans. For best results, it’s essential to use single origin, fresh coffee beans to achieve a good cup. Using old beans that may have been around in your store cupboard for a while before brewing will produce a very bland, flat coffee.

This is one of the reasons why the high quality, single origin coffee beans supplied by the Coffee Wholesalers make such an amazing pour over coffee. They are supplied fresh from the plantation to your kitchen.  Another error that some coffee drippers make is in the timings of the pour – each brewing takes patience and consistency, and your time.

Drink your perfect, sublime coffee, and marvel at your skill and dedication. Repeat as required.