Cats and Coffee – The ‘Purrfect‘ Coffee Shop Theme

Two sisters are planning to open a cat café next spring, in Manchester.  The proposed coffee shop will be the first of its type in the City Centre and customers will be able to make a fuss of the cats as they enjoy coffee made from single origin coffee beans and blends, and sip their lattes and cappuccinos.

Sarah Close and her sister Ellie are hoping that their coffee shop will attract hundreds of cat lovers from around the area. They have even opened Twitter accounts for each of the cats so that the felines can be followed.


Comfort and Relaxation
The idea is to make the Manchester coffee shop so comfortable that customers will be able to relax in a stress free environment. And the cats will be well cared for in-house by a nanny who will attend to their every need.

Ellie, who currently takes her cats to work with her, says that each feline she owns has a distinct personality and all love attention.

Follow the cats on Twitter
If their business venture is successful customers will not only be able to follow the cats on Twitter but also learn about them in terms of their breed and many more cat facts specific to each cat.

Cat cafes are relatively new to the UK but have been in existence since 1990 in Japan. There are now several across Europe and more opening as the theme becomes popular with those who love our feline friends.

Utopia for cats
Sarah and Ellie’s coffee shop will be furnished with comfortable beanbags and sofas so that they can lounge around with their cups of coffee with a cat on their lap if they want to.

In addition there will be an internet café with use of computers available, free Wi-Fi, a TV and video games as well as a bite to eat.

It is the sisters’ intention to open further cat cafes in Leeds and Liverpool should their Manchester coffee shop be successful. Any venture capitals who love cats please note that they are looking for £15,000 to fund the shop fitting!

The cats will have a purpose built Utopia with cat beds, water features and climbing frames to keep them occupied when they are not lapping up all the attention that customers will inevitably give them.

In our experience cats are very sophisticated a bit like our single origin coffee beans!