Coffee Beans in Fridge or Freezer? We don’t think so!

Do you store coffee beans in fridge or freezer? If you are a coffee aficionado who appreciates the absolute freshness of your coffee beans and taste, what is it actually that you are looking for?

It is apparent that espresso made from fresh ground coffee has more sweetness, aroma and flavour while also producing a richer crema. Tell-tale indications that your coffee is stale are a cardboard and woody taste, bitterness and monotonic flavour, with a flat, no crema texture. So if you are truly serious about an exceptional cup of coffee, this must start with outstandingly, fresh coffee.

Regardless of whether you roast your coffee at home, buy it locally or purchase online, correct storage is important. While storing fresh coffee for just a few days is relatively straightforward for small amounts, should you require longer term storage for larger quantities, which route do you follow?

The Bag it came packed in

The main basics of coffee storage are simple: avoid exposure to light, limit temperature fluctuations and decrease air movement. Not all coffee bags are up to the job of keeping your coffee fresh, they may look nice but deliver no obstacle to the escape of aroma or to the effects of oxygen. Re-sealable bags however are quite adequate in providing a short term storage solution to keep your coffee fresh.

Jar with a sealable lid

Provided it’s kept out of direct sunlight, such as on your window sill, any jar with a sealable lid is adequate for storage of your coffee beans.

Coffee beans in fridge or freezer

The fridge – A small amount of coolness is most likely a good thing for your coffee beans, but one thing you do not need is humidity, which fridges have in abundance. Each time you open your storage container some humidity will enter, allowing aromas to escape. It’s not ideal to store your coffee beans in the fridge; your kitchen cupboard or worktop is cool enough.

The freezer – There are ongoing debates as to the benefits and effects of storing fresh, porous, coffee beans in your freezer. You need to consider these hints before you decide:

  • If you are planning on storing your coffee beans for less than one month, storage at room temperature is the better option. Only freeze your beans if longer term storage is required.
  • Freeze only in a fully-sealed, airtight container.
  • When you wish to use the coffee beans, defrost at room temperature whilst still in the fully-sealed container to prevent any condensation. Do not attempt to re-freeze once the beans have been thawed.

Storing out in the open

Many speciality, coffee retailers have displays of fresh coffee beans in counters or in open bins, as it’s often the smell and sight of the beans that entices the shopper to buy. This however, will contribute to their staleness and lack of aroma over a short period of time.

Bottom line: Keep your beans in a cool, dry, dark place out of direct sunlight and in an airtight container. To enjoy your coffee at its best, grind fresh each time you brew. At The Coffee Wholesalers we wouldn’t recommend storing our ethically produced, single origin coffee beans in fridge or freezer unless you have no choice. And most coffee connoisseurs would consider it sacrilege!