Coffee Cutting Calories

New year, so it’s time to start cutting the coffee calories

It’s a new year and for you coffee lovers who are trying to watch the calories you take in don’t worry there are many ways around making your favourite coffee drinks much healthier.


If you’re a real latte lover, then there is no need to fear! Just a few small adjustments to your coffee can be key to making your waistline smaller. Start by asking for a traditional latte which is unsweetened, and by changing your milk to either low fat or soya. If you’re one of the many who enjoys a sweet latte, start by asking for one pump of syrup instead of two! Ultimately decreasing the calorie intake in your coffee.


An americano is the common choice of coffee for people who are trying to watch their weight, this beautiful tasting drink is made from two shots of an espresso topped with boiling water. But watch! This drink can increasingly become very unhealthy when cream and sugar is added. To keep it under 100 calories add just a slight bit of cream and raw sugar; only if you really need to.


A favourite of many coffee lovers, this out of many coffee drinks is slightly better for you because it doesn’t contain as much milk as others might do. It does mean you can get away with adding more syrup for that sweet taste! But to help yourself always try adding low-fat milk. It really does make it slightly better for yourself.

Estimated Calories:

With Whole Milk: Around 140 Calories

With Low Fat Milk: Around 120 Calories

Blended Coffee Drinks

Whether it be from Starbucks or Costa they are all as bad as each other! With an outstanding 700 calories per drink! Many mainstream coffee chains now are offering “light” Blended coffee drinks which you are looking at about 200 calories. Still not the best of options to choose from but we all must admit they are heavenly to drink.