How Coffee Packaging Bags Keep the Product Fresh

Where would we be without coffee? Would we be able to survive without it? Even after we’ve drunk cup after cup, we’ve spotted some pretty unusual coffee packaging design along the way. Packaging coffee is the means of enclosing roasted coffee, either ground or whole bean, to protect it from oxygen, moisture and sunlight. The ultimate aim of coffee packaging bags is preserving the aroma and taste of the coffee, whilst also supplying it in measured portions for simplicity of sale.  Here are the most common methods of packaging to ensure your coffee reaches you in optimum condition.



Vacuum Sealed and Valve Sealed Bags

Freshly ground coffee and whole coffee beans are normally wrapped up in vacuum sealed bags, or valve sealed bags. Vacuum sealed bags are generally deemed to be a lower grade method of shipping fresh roasted coffee beans, due to the fact that carbon dioxide and other gases may be given off from coffee beans for several days after roasting, a process known as degassing.  These gases may harm the delicate flavours of the coffee if they are not allowed to escape. It is also not good practice to leave the coffee exposed after roasting due to degrading of the flavours with exposure to oxygen, sunlight and moisture. Roasted coffee may lose up to 40% of its vibrant aromas after only 8 hours of air contact. As a result of these anomalies, the preferred method of packaging is using a valve sealed bag.

Coffee Pod Packaging bags for pods

Pods are produced containing roasted, ground coffee, normally with a perforated filter paper, and compressing it into a pod shaped package usually used for brewing expresso coffee. Pods are individually packaged to ensure that each pod’s freshness is preserved. Disadvantages of this system include questions about quality, compared to freshly tamped and ground coffee, and also the higher cost per serving. There is also concern about the high amount of packaging waste produced from a high quantity of pods.

Cans and jars

Many instant types of ground coffee are often stored in airtight packaging, usually in cans or jars. In some cases freshly roasted coffee is stored in recyclable cans, along with natural inactive nitrogen, packaged under pressure. This process ensures that essential coffee aromas are trapped and protected for longer than a year, producing a more rounded flavour.

Custom coffee packaging design

In addition to the varied choice of jars, cans and coffee packaging bags to enclose the coffee beans and ground coffee, there is also a huge choice available to manufacturers and suppliers of cutting edge designs, colours and logos for the outer casing to ensure an eye catching, customer focused end product.

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