Coffee Shops in Manchester Police Need your Help

Police are looking for a thief who distracts customers in coffee shops in Manchester City Centre. He also targets restaurants. The picture of the thief in this post has been released by the police from CCTV images.

Map is placed over valuables on coffee shop tables
The “modus operandi” for this guy is to come into the shop with a map, walk over to a customer sitting at a table, and whilst asking for directions cover any valuables on the table with the map. Once directions or a response has been given he picks up the map with whatever is underneath it. This could be your customers’ phones or anything else of value they place on the tables.

Manchester Police need help
Anyone who may have information or who has been a victim of this crook should contact the Police by calling 101 or via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 (the latter will take anonymous calls). The Police believe by releasing the picture (which was captured at the Fennel Street Starbucks coffee shop) people may recognise the criminal and if so would like some help in identifying him. So if any of our readers do please help to put an end to this.

From 23 June to 4 July mobile phones have been stolen in this way all from people who have been seated at tables in restaurants or coffee shops.

Thief is indiscriminate in whom he robs
Toward the end of last year many shoppers, pensioners and even children have had mobile phones and other valuable possessions stolen in Manchester City Centre using a map as a distraction.

We suggest that our clients with coffee shops in Manchester place a notice in the shop warning people of this scam. It’s not fair on our businesses or our customers so drawing attention to it from the point people buy their cups of coffee is an excellent idea.

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