Have you Tried the New Craze for Butter Coffee?

You have probably already tried most of the mixtures of coffee available on the High Street; your favourite is probably a latte, mocha or maybe a macchiato. Perhaps you like single origin coffee with a shot of syrup or even coffee made with almond milk, but have you tried the new caffeine craze, butter coffee?

The suggested recipe for making this is to take a double espresso coffee, add a tablespoon of both butter (unsalted type, from grass-fed cows) and coconut oil (octane oil), then whizz to a thick froth. Some people reckon it smells and tastes like pancakes. It can also be termed as “bullet coffee” or “fat black” and with the recent dietary advice that fat could be better than sugar for health; butter coffee is fast becoming very popular with the body conscious.

Benefits of Butter Coffee

It is claimed that it can improve your physical and mental performance and also encourage weight-loss by drinking a daily, morning cup of bullet coffee. The theory behind this is that as it’s a high fat, high calorie drink it should give you a feeling of fullness for several hours after drinking it. The coconut oil will act as an appetite suppressant and in effect, if you drink your butter coffee for breakfast then eat only between the hours of 2pm and 8pm, the claim is that you could lose one pound per day.

Coffee is bursting with healthy antioxidants but the addition of milk counteracts some of the benefits, as the proteins in milk adhere to the antioxidants, reducing their value by 28%.

Disadvantages of Butter Coffee

It is recommended that you start slowly, adding only small amounts of butter at first, until your digestive system adapts to the change. Too much may trigger diarrhoea or stomach cramps. After drinking your coffee, your body is tricked into thinking it is full and you probably won’t fancy eating any proper food until lunch time; meaning you have skipped breakfast. This diet isn’t really sustainable for your health in the long term, plus there is a possibility it could lead to hormonal and adrenal health issues in the future.

Single Origin Coffee Beans

If you try the recipe above, bullet coffee is an enjoyable, creamy drink that you can actually feel revitalising your body. If you are going to make it with the best grass fed butter, the quality of the coffee beans you use will make an obvious difference. The coffee beans you choose should be best quality, single origin coffee beans, as supplied by The Coffee Wholesalers. Visit our website for current offers on single origin coffee and enjoy your morning butter coffee.