Why We Love Independent Coffee Shops

As coffee suppliers for coffee shops in the UK we love independents. Not that there is anything particularly wrong with the big chains but independent coffee shops tend to be themed rather than branded. This makes them unique.

UK independents are some of the most imaginative in the world with cat cafes where you can stroke a lovable moggy whilst relaxing on comfy sofas or armchairs; maritime themed with sharks and nets near the coast or a pirate theme that might look like something out of Pirates of the Caribbean! There are even old red telephone boxes that have been converted to takeaway coffee booths.

Independent coffee shops are more imaginative

Because the independents often have to compete with the chains like Costa and Starbucks there tends to always be something special in them. It might be home baked food or ethically produced single origin coffee beans.  There is nothing more satisfying than enjoying an excellent cup of coffee, in friendly surroundings, knowing that the plantation workers that cultivate the coffee trees are reasonably paid and well looked after; that we have in some way contributed to their healthcare or education.

Independents participate in more schemes to help others

The independents are more likely to participate in suspended coffee schemes, whereby customers can buy a coffee for anyone who can’t afford one. The person doesn’t have to be there when the coffee is bought but whenever anyone comes into the shop who can’t afford a one they will be given a drink from the suspended coffee fund. There are also other schemes where customers might buy a coffee for a homeless person or the outlet may decide to always give homeless people a drink.

The Coffee Warehouse, coffee suppliers to coffee shops, is always happy to participate in schemes that will help the less fortunate. For every 5 kilos of single origin coffee beans purchased we give one kilo away free.

Tell us about your café

We are always interested in new and existing unusual independent coffee shops so if you are opening one or would like us to write a story about your business, contact us. We will be happy to include you in our blog.