Monsooned Malabar Coffee Sales Hit Record High

Of all speciality coffee products at The Coffee Wholesalers, Monsooned Malabar coffee is a favourite among our customers and a firm best-seller but this month our sales have reached a record high. We know this protected Indian coffee, which is exclusively grown on the Malabar Coast at Karnataka and Kerala, is a great strong yet smooth coffee but until a couple of days ago we had no idea why it was in more demand than usual.

It transpires that results of a new study were published earlier this month, by researchers in Korea, indicating that people who drink between 3 and 5 cups of coffee daily are less likely to have clogged arteries which frequently lead to heart disease.

Coffee and Heart Disease

There were 25,000 participants in the study all of whom were employed and health checks were carried out in their workplaces. Early signs of heart disease were less prevalent on medical scans of those drinking moderate amounts of coffee.

This research is in contrast to previous studies that link coffee to higher blood pressure and cholesterol but in line with other studies that suggest coffee protects the heart. There is no doubt that further research needs to be done because studies carried out so far are confusing but this latest report is good news for those of us who enjoy Monsooned Malabar and other high quality coffees.

The Korean study focused on the coronary arteries that supply blood to the heart using medical scans to identify calcium in the walls lining them. Over one in ten participants’ scans showed calcium deposits despite them having no visible signs of heart disease.

Comparisons were then made with the participants’ data (which they provided themselves daily) including how much coffee they drank, whether they smoked, how much exercise they took and hereditary factors related to heart disease.

3 to 5 a day may keep the doctor away

Participants, who drank more than 3 – 5 cups of coffee per day or less, showed more likelihood of calcium deposits than those who kept within these limits.

Research now continues to find out why coffee appears to have this beneficial effect. However, it has to be taken into account that the lifestyle and dietary habits of South Koreans is not the same as that of the UK populace.

Caffeine consumption

In the United States, experts recommend no more than 400mg daily as a safe caffeine intake for adults that are in good health. Whereas in the UK only women who are pregnant are advised to limit their consumption to 200mg of coffee equating to the following per day:

  • Instant coffee – 100mg = 1 mug
  • Filter coffee – 140mg = 1 mug
  • Tea – 75mg = 1 mug
  • Coca cola – 40mg = 1 can
  • Espresso contains an average of 50mg of caffeine depending on the coffee

Monsooned Malabar coffee is a favourite served in many coffee shops throughout the world often served as an espresso. Its combination of strong yet mellow flavour with a hint of musty cigar and leather makes this dark roasted coffee quite addictive once the taste has been acquired.

For further information about our Monsooned Malabar coffee beans and our range of finest speciality coffees contact The Coffee Wholesalers today.