Online Shopping for Single Origin Coffee Beans

Some coffee shops can rightly be described as coffee boutiques, serving their customers a wide range of coffee from organic pure to single origin coffee beans in the form of espresso; to contemporary imaginative blends in lattes, cappuccino, Americano, Cortado and many more.

Coffee drinking has evolved over many centuries and improvement in modern day cultivation has sparked a huge demand for good coffee particularly in the UK.  In recent years, the British have been introduced to coffee that was once only available to them in other parts of Europe, where an appreciation of real coffee has endured through the ages.  Usually enjoyed on holiday in Spain, Portugal and Italy or further afield in Morocco, Egypt and Turkey, British holidaymakers acquired the taste for good coffee and have put aside their trusty jars of instant in favour of the real thing.

Single origin coffee beans are easier to find online
For many years those who wanted single origin coffee beans would have to buy from an importer or supplier in bulk with smaller packets being purchased at premium prices from the few supermarkets that stocked them. However, coffee shops have much greater purchasing power today with online shopping.

Single origin coffees that historically were always difficult to find are now readily available online and the shopping experience made much easier.  There is plenty of information and in depth descriptions of each type of coffee, including details of where the coffee has been grown, the flavour, aroma and how it is best served. Coffee shop owners now don’t have to leave their shops to buy the best coffee for their customers.

The Coffee Wholesalers offer great coffee at affordable prices
At The Coffee Wholesalers we have a comprehensive range of coffee including single origin such as Monsooned Malabar, El Salvador Las Delicias, Ethiopian Harar and Sumatra Blue to name just a few. We pride ourselves on the quality of our coffee beans and our competitive pricing.

If you are considering opening a coffee shop or already own one and are perhaps looking for a new supplier, browse through our catalogue and get in touch to enquire about special offers. You won’t be disappointed!