Recipes using Roasted Coffee beans as a Secret Ingredient

Let’s make it clear, here at The Coffee Wholesalers we market and sell the finest roasted coffee beans to ensure that your morning cup of coffee is delicious, smells great and gives you that caffeine kick to get you going. However, there are chefs and bakers worldwide that are not only drinking coffee, but using it in the production of some delectable recipes. No one thinks twice about using coffee as a drink, but adding it to a recipe somehow makes it sound much more exotic. The rich, dark brew adds a deep flavour to almost any dish, both savoury and sweet.

How to prepare it

Coffee will enrich the flavour in tomato based sauces such as barbeque and pasta, chilli and baked beans, stews and gravy. Always opt for a good quality coffee and store it in an air-tight container to preserve its freshness. Try grinding some roasted coffee beans in a pepper mill to add instant taste, or when making stock replace half with your coffee mix. Try adding it to marinades and vinaigrettes for tasty salads.

Here are some of our suggestions for you to try:

Coffee and beef stew

Add 5 tablespoons of strong coffee to a classic beef stew recipe, to add a deep, rich flavour – perfect for a cold, chilly night.

Caramelized coffee spiced chicken

Mix up a marinade with balsamic vinegar, brown sugar, orange juice, coffee and spring onions, cover chicken and leave overnight to soak up the flavours before cooking in the oven.

Coffee-rubbed roasted chicken

Mix up a rub with butter, brown sugar and roasted coffee to coat a chicken to give a unique flavour and extra crispiness. The same can also be used on duck, beef or pork.

Dark, sumptuous chocolate cake

Replace half the amount of cocoa with coffee to enrich the flavour of this amazing cake. Nigella Lawson recommends a version of this using her own recipe too.

Coffee banana bread

Just add half a cup of brewed coffee to your usual banana bread mix to give an extra flavour boost. You could also add banana chips and small pieces of toffee for an extra treat.


This indulgent, Italian dessert is recognized by its deep coffee flavours, served with mascarpone cheese, cream and a light sponge with added chocolate shavings.

Coffee is a tasty flavouring for food, offering complex seasoning, ranging from citrusy to smoky with a deep bitterness that balances out other ingredients. Rub it on your food, drizzle it over or whisk it in, just cook with it. For high quality coffee including roasted coffee beans and single origin coffee beans, visit The Coffee Wholesalers.