Scientists study why there is spillage from coffee cups!

We were somewhat stunned to read earlier in the week that a scientific study had been conducted in 2012 called “Walking With Coffee: Why Does it Spill?”. From a perfectly common sense point of view it would seem obvious that if there is a hole in the lid of takeout coffee cups,  some spillage can be expected if you are walking along with them.

Fascinating to learn from the study was that spillages apparently happen between the 7th and 10th steps of your trip. We are in August so it really isn’t an April fool! Another riveting find was that when coffee sloshes against the lid of the coffee cup the speed generated causes coffee to splash through the hole. Really!

Could a sticky label solve it?
Our initial thoughts on this were that perhaps people could take a little sticky label with them to the coffee shop and then once served stick it over the hole, or maybe the coffee shop owners could invest in tiny sticky labels.  However, we figured if it was that simple they would already be doing it.  Then we thought perhaps it’s a matter of cost, perhaps the cups and lids with holes are cheaper than more expensive and effective alternatives.

The scientists didn’t really come up with a solution, although they could probably have easily found one by contacting a disposable coffee cup manufacturer’s design team who really are quite smart people.  But since they chose not to, we did and immediately found one company that not only knows how to, but has indeed solved the problem.

Magicup already solved the problem
Using patented anti spill technology Magicup produce thermally insulated coffee cups that won’t spill even if you knock them over. How cool is that?  And we bet they didn’t employ a team of scientists to come up with the design. If you are interested in their coffee cups visit the Magicup website.

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