As people in Britain develop more sophisticated taste in coffee; the demand for single origin coffee beans increases in popularity. In addition we are more concerned today about ethical practices than our ancestors were, so single origin coffee bean plantation owners look after their workers and pay them well.

Single origin coffee berries are cultivated to produce beans from a single area and coffee connoisseurs are able to identify with incredible ease, the diverse flavours and where they come from.  Discerning coffee drinkers are not dissimilar to wine connoisseurs who would not dream of buying a cheap bottle of plonk!

Higher Altitude Micro Climates

Most of these coffees are grown at higher altitude on small plantations so depending on which of them you choose, you could be drinking single origin coffee from deep in the heart of a forest where wild exotic animals still roam free, or from high up on a mountain plateau where water springs eternal . All the natural elements of the micro climate in which the trees are grown contribute to the unique flavours of single origin coffees.

Blended Coffee

There is no doubt that blended coffees continue to have their place in the market but the quality of blends can be unreliable. Disreputable roasters may introduce inferior, cheap beans into the mix when roasting resulting in bitter or banal flavours that don’t encourage customers to come back for more.

Ethically produced single origin coffee beans

At The Coffee Wholesalers we stock only the best, ethically produced single origin coffee beans from a variety of the world’s micro climate areas including El Salvadore Las Delicias from Central America, Sumatra Blue from Indonesia and Monsooned Malabar from Kerala and Karnataka in India among many others.

Please click on the individual coffee pages to learn more about how and where our single origin coffee beans are grown.

If you decide to purchase 5 kilos of any single origin coffee we will provide you with 1 kilo free.