Ethiopian Harar

The size of France and England put together, Ethiopia is the country where coffee was born thousands of years ago.Around half the populace (15 million) is associated with the coffee industry and there is no doubt they are the experts when it comes to coffee! The majority of coffee cultivation takes place on smallholdings but the farmers that own them make very little profit (£1 per kilo is paid to them of which 20p is profit). Hence for us, it is imperative that we are responsible when sourcing coffee beans to ensure that co-operative don’t just guarantee prices paid to smallholders but also invest in construction of schools, provision of machinery and food among other important services.

Recently televised coverage of doctors from the West travelling to Ethiopia has been seen. Cosmetic surgeons are working to correct the mis-formed faces of children, who are born with the condition. One in every 600 babies born in Ethiopia suffers from facial abnormalities due to their mothers being poverty stricken and therefore malnourished. We recommend you acquire more knowledge about this by searching for ‘Project Harar Ethiopia’ on the net, Twitter and Facebook and perhaps contribute what you can to this work.

Ethiopian Harar is a classic natural coffee. The Harar brand, which is produced in eastern Ethiopia, is one of the world’s oldest coffees and is still produced today. It is the coffee that the indigenous population use in Ethiopian coffee ceremonies.The coffee is sun dried in its fruit cherry, giving it an aroma of blueberry, wine and game. It’s a smooth coffee that is full bodied with a rich chocolate taste. Fully roasted, Harar coffee can be enjoyed neat and is a wonderful “wake up” or after dinner cup. Accompanied by a good Armagnac or Cognac with some chocolate truffles it is indeed the perfect drink!