Monsooned Malabar

Coffee with attitude - smoky, complex and strong

Monsooned Malabar coffee is not only one of our best sellers but one of the most popular in the world! It’s an Indian coffee with protected status, exclusive to Kerala and Karnataka on the Malabar Coast. 7th on the list of the world’s largest coffee producing countries, most of India’s crop comes from its southern states. The first seeds to be planted in India in the 1600s came from Mecca in Saudi Arabia, brought to the country by Baba Budan, an Indian Muslim pilgrim.

Legend and myth surround Monsooned Malabar coffee in terms of how its flavour came about. The coffee arrived by sea and it is believed that the beans were stored in the hold over the months it took to make the journey from Mecca. The beans were mellowed in the humid damp environment thus losing their acidity. The resulting flavour was light and sweet making the coffee very popular with Europeans. Today these same conditions are replicated by exposing the beans to the moist monsoon winds from June to September. They are stored in warehouses that are appropriately ventilated until they develop a pale gold colour through the washing process. The beans become swollen, lose acidity and the resulting coffee attains an almost neutral pH balance.

Monsoon Malabar is a coffee with attitude – smoky, complex and strong. Traditionally a coffee that is brewed, it’s an acquired taste but well worth sampling an espresso for a different coffee experience.

With a hint of leather and musty cigar the coffee is dark roasted with a spicy aroma. It’s a unique flavour that is strong but at the same time mellow and smooth. People who love it are practically addicted to Monsooned Malabar so if you haven’t tried it you really should.

One of the great strong coffees to wake you up in the morning, it is satisfying and very enjoyable when you acquire the taste for it.