Sulewesi Kalossi

An exotic, bold and sturdy roast, great to wake you up in the morning!

Sulawesi, if you don’t already know, is a large island in the centre of the Malaysian archipelago in Indonesia. The island has existed for over 100 million years and is the most ancient of all Indonesian islands. Sulawesi Kalossi coffee is cultivated in the iron rich soil there giving it a unique flavour. Sulawesi roughly translated equates to Iron Island and the iron content in the soil comes from Lake Matano and all the coffee grown on the island is sent to Kallossi, a small town in the centre, where it is collected.

Locals still refer to the island by its previous ancient name – Celebes. It would be difficult to find another island like this on earth because the indigenous population, the Toraja, believe that their ancestors “descended onto a mountaintop from heaven long ago”. Their houses are shaped like inverted arks a design not seen anywhere else and their ancient rituals associated with death and the afterlife are still performed there. They are a people that seem to have stood still in time and they process Sulawesi coffee in the traditional way of ‘glingbasah’ which we refer to as wet hulling. The first coffee trees planted on the island are now in excess of 250 years old and precede the arrival of the Dutch. Unlike most coffee which is produced on plantations, Sulawesi beans are cultivated in small plots of land or in gardens. The small quantities produced are uniquely flavoured but unfortunately not easy to acquire since there is a lot of crime on the island growing conditions are rough.

So what flavour is the coffee?

The coffee is dark roasted to release the true flavour and it’s very strong both in flavour and aroma due to its low acidity. The taste is complex, heavy bodied and earthy with a hint of black pepper. The aftertaste is smooth and mellow remaining on the palate for a long time after the coffee has been drunk.

Sulawesi Kallosi is a morning coffee guaranteed to wake you up and a slice of toast will bring out its flavour even more. Also try it at any time of the day with a Danish pastry – it has everything you need in a strong coffee and more!