Sumatra Blue

Sumatra Blue  is the perfect after dinner coffee with a woody and dark chocolate flavour, the port wine of coffees.

Colonialism played a huge part in the development and growth of Indonesia, and particularly in the cultivation of coffee which began in Sumatra with the Dutch East Indies Company, around 1865.

Over 90 percent of the coffee produced in Indonesia is cultivated on smallholdings with less than 3 acres. Most of the coffee is organic and sold to 19 co-operatives with all exporters certificated in the international marketing of organic coffee. The 4th largest coffee producer in the world, Indonesia has an ideal micro-climate for cultivating a diversity of beans with many different flavours including cedar, earthy, cocoa, smokey, tobacco varieties in both robusta and Arabica.

Whilst Sumatran coffees are renowned for intensity, they are also balanced with sweetness. Flavours are defined by blends of regions or a single region and connoisseurs have no difficult identifying them. There is more acidity in coffee from Sumatra which produces a balance with undertones of lime, grapefruit and generally tropical fruits.

Arabica coffee beans are hand-picked in Sumatra and following harvesting they are processed in different ways to produce their unique flavours. Wet hulling (known as ‘gilingbasah’) is a processing method where the outer skin is removed from the cherries, by ‘luwak’ (rustic pulping machines) called. Still coated with mud, the beans are stored for up to 24 hours and then thoroughly washed. After these processes, the coffee is part dried.

The outer husk of the coffee is then removed whilst the beans are still semi wet and have a distinctive blue/green colour hence the name “Blue Sumatra”. This method of processing decreases acidity and enhances the body to produce the Indonesian classic cup profile.

Sumatran Blue coffees are distinctive with well-balanced spiciness, smooth, strong, full bodies and aromatic cups. The intensity of them is due to low acidity making these full roasted coffees appreciated by even the most discerning enthusiast. Whether filtered, or from a cafetiere the espresso is a joy to drink and is one of our bestselling after dinner coffees. Full roasted with a complex and condensed flavour, it is appreciated by both connoisseurs and enthusiasts.