Are There Too Many Branded Coffee Shops In The UK?

Are we getting sick of seeing so many branded coffee shops?

You either love them or hate them, but one thing it’s brought to the economy is a lot more jobs for everyone! Which is good, right? In the last 15 years, coffee has created thousands of jobs all over the UK.

But how many more branded coffee shops can our towns and cities put up with? They’re at every corner we turn, seeing the Costa coffee beans or Starbucks green mermaid lurking over our head constantly. Regardless of how much we see these big brands, there’s still something about them that we love, or we can’t resist, taking a picture of our fresh coffee cup every time we buy one to let everyone know we ”Visited Starbucks” has become a necessity.

It’s our own choice to decide if the UK is riddled with too many coffee shops, for a coffee-loving nation though is it really that bad?