What is Single Origin Coffee?

Single Origin coffee refers to coffee beans that have been sourced in a single geographical area. Wines sourced from specific areas are defined and enjoyed for their individual qualities based on the soil, climate and altitude. These unique properties of local character are also seen in Single Origin coffee beans.

Taste, quality and accountability

Equally important is the trace-ability of the actual coffee bean. It is a specific coffee, not a blend, and this invariably results in higher-quality products and more ethical business practices. Plantation visits are conducted so that farmers, buyers and roasters can sample and assess single origin coffee beans at every stage – ensuring quality is not compromised. This relationship also encourages closer bonds to develop between producers and buyers. Estates and communities become names and faces and the personal nature of this is beneficial to the growers and buyers. Communities can articulate exactly what they need – schools, medical facilities and housing to name a few; and buyers can provide more specific amenities than Fair Trade provision allows.

Blended is fine though – isn’t it?

Yes, blended is fine. In the same way that house wine is fine. Many commercial espresso blends will contain three to seven different types of beans. When a coffee needs to be acceptable to a wide range of palates and cost is the bottom line, coffee beans are combined. This results in a generally drinkable cup of coffee but isn’t likely to draw any rave reviews.

Blended coffees give unscrupulous providers the ability to hide damaged or inferior beans during blending. When you select single origin coffee beans you are making your own personal choice, based on your preferences. Do you like hints of dark chocolate with a woody flavour? Then select Sumatra Blue. Cultivated at an altitude of between 1,000 and 1,600 metres above sea level, this coffee grows among Indonesian waterfalls, lush forestation and majestic volcanoes. There is a coffee bean for every occasion but Sumatra Blue is one of the most popular after dinner coffees.

The variety of coffee beans is infinite and you can be assured of the consistency of flavour and quality. At The Coffee Wholesalers we offer one free kilo for every 5 kilos purchased of any single origin beans we stock. If we don’t stock what you are looking for, contact us anyway because we are certain to know someone who does.