Will ClearCoffee be a Winner in the UK?

An entrepreneur from Slovakia, David Nagy, has developed a form of coffee drink that is unusual to say the least. It tastes like coffee but looks like water, totally transparent.

Nagy is keeping the recipe close to his chest which is understandable since he has left his full time job to dedicate his efforts to the development and marketing of ClearCoffee.

Same caffeine content as coffee
Containing the same amount of caffeine as an average 200ml serving of cappuccino, ClearCoffee is served cold and contains no preservatives, artificial flavouring, stabilizers or sugar/sweeteners according to Nagy.

The drink is made from the best coffee beans, water and the addition of top quality natural caffeine. Due to be launched in August this year it will be interesting to mark its progress in the UK.

Apparently Nagy got his inspiration to develop the drink when he resided and worked in the UK. He wanted to develop a product that was an attention grabber and there’s no doubt it has grabbed ours!

ClearCoffee won’t stain your teeth!
The main drive behind the creation of ClearCoffee had nothing to do with wanting to improve the enjoyment of one of the world’s most popular drinks.  Its focus was the colour of coffee because it stains our teeth.  Nagy, an avid coffee drinker, was spending a fortune on teeth whitening remedies and decided to attack the problem at its source.

This is going to be an interesting product to watch. Will people take to something that tastes like coffee, has all the properties of coffee but is not that warm, satisfying brown colour that we all associate with it?

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Photo from ClearCoffee